Kendra was shopping online for a new backpack for school. The first website she visited ''BagsForAll'' carried mostly luggage and only one travel backpack, so Kendra left that site after only visiting its home page. Which of the following metrics for analyzing online activity would marketers of BagsForAll find MOST relevant regarding Kendra's activity?A. bounce rate

B. conversion rate

C. sentiment analysis

D. click paths


A. bounce rate


A bounce on your page is a one-page session.

In Analytics, a bounce is explicitly defined as a request that causes only one query to the Analytics server, for example when a visitor loads a single page on your website and then exits the Analytics database during that session without triggering any other queries.

Bounce rate is one-page sessions separated by all sessions, or the percentage of all sessions on your site where users only viewed one page and only triggered a single request to the Analytics server.

These one-page visits have a session period of 0 seconds because after the first one there are no additional hits that would allow Analytics to measure the time.

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