A publisher of photography books finds that it is cost-effective to print 10,000 or more at a time. But a bookstore orders only a few copies of each book, since its customers want to select from a wide variety. This example shows Multiple Choice A) neither discrepancy of assortment nor discrepancy of quantity. B) why both discrepancies of quantity and discrepancies of assortment occur. C) multichannel distribution. why discrepancies of assortment occur. D) why discrepancies of quantity occur.

Answer: Option B


Explanation: In simple words, discrepancy of quantity refers tot eh difference between the quantity that is optimal for the maker to make and the quantity that the consumers want.

Similarly , the difference between the production lines the producer makes and the lines required by the consumer is called discrepancy of customer.

   In the given case, print of 10,000 units is cost effective for the producer but the boom stores orders small quantities due to customer preferences.  

   Hence from the above we can conclude that the correct option is B.

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