Mark and julie are going to sell brownies and cookies for their third annual fundraiser bake sale. in one day, mark can make 40 brownies or 20 cookies, and julie can make 15 brownies or 15 cookies. based on this information, ________ has the comparative advantage in making brownies and ________ has the comparative advantage in making cookies. mark; mark julie; julie mark; julie julie; mark

Mark;mark I think....

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Hi there!!
I’m going to give you an answer, but along with that answer I’m going to tell you why I think it’s right.

I believe the right choice is A. Mark; Mark

Reasoning: Mark can make 40 brownies in a day and 20 cookies in a day. Julie can only do 15 of each in one day. Either way, Mark can make more that Julie in a day whether it’s brownies or cookies.
So if we’re looking for “who makes the most?” factor the answer is A.

If you need further explanation or assistance, please let me know.
Happy studying!

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