Why do you think heart disease is so prevalent in the United States? How could heart disease affect other organ systems?

I would assume that because of not only sports but because of what americans do, like eat alot or smoke etc. it can effect organ systems because the heart has veins leading to every other organ, when the heart stops, the organs stops too.

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  • Heart disease is so common in the United States due to sedentary life to which they have become accustomed to leading the majority of the population, accompanied by an unbalanced diet, where factors of high cardiovascular risk predominate than the protectors. In addition to the above, there is stress, which is considered a pathology that affects especially the functioning of the organism, whether from the cardiovascular system, central nervous system, gastrointestinal, among others.
  • The cardiovascular pathologies affect other systems, according to the severity that they present, so will be the alteration in the quality of life that these patients will present; For example, an obese person whose body mass index is greater than 40% is going to be a person with a high endocrine risk (diabetes risk), can also have atheromatosis plaques in the arteries, renal failures, among others.

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