Choose all the answers that apply. Jupiter: rotates upside-down is the largest planet is the most massive planet is the least dense planet has retrograde rotation

The following facts apply about Jupiter;
It is the largest planet (in the solar system) – 13,000 times bigger than earth
It has retrograde motion. However, the retrograde motion is actually an illusion due to the fact that the earth catches up with Jupiter planet during the revolution around the sun.

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Jupiter is the largest planet.

Jupiter is the most massive planet.


There are 8 planets in the solar system. Jupiter lies beyond the asteroid belt. It is the largest and most massive planet of the solar system. It does not have retrograde motion. Saturn is the second largest planet and is the least dense planet. Jupiter is composed of mostly hydrogen and helium. Jupiter's axis of rotation is tilted to about 3.13 degrees. It does not rotate upside down.

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