How did mendel’s monohybrid cross with round and wrinkled seeds and other single traits tested, directly contradict the blending hypothesis?.

The F1 progeny of a hybrid between round and wrinkled pure breed cell lines were fully round, not half round and wrinkled, as blending theory would suggest.

What is the name of Mendel's monohybrid cross?

"A monohybrid cross is a cross between two individuals having homozygous genotypes that produce the opposite phenotype for a certain genetic characteristic." "A Monohybrid Cross is a cross characteristics of a monohybrid (TT and tt). A monohybrid results in the transfer of one gene.

What is the name of Mendel's second law?

Mendel's Second Law - the law for independent assortment; the segregation of alleles from one allelic pair during gamete production is independent of the segregation of alleles from another allelic pair.

What is the Mendelian ratio?

The ratio of incidence of various phenotypes in just about any cross containing Mendelian traits, particularly the 3:1 ratio demonstrated by the second filial generation with offspring from parents who differ in respect to a single character.

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