Hey im writing a song for chorus can you helpAnd now it feels like im falling off the deep end.

never wanted to become anything more than your be friend.

and you have the nerve to say that i m the one whose trippin

i used to love but i figured out the truth ,

never knew the evilest girl was standing next to you.

but like all things i guess you had to leave, go away,

but just remember who i am and know that i'll return one day

For now we need to go our seperate ways

That don't mean I hate you.

We just goin through a lot

And we need space

You can deny it all you want

But you know deep down.


You know deep down, that you're heartless. Baby you're the wreckage. Never thought I'd love you, baby. We can go solo. Never meant to hurt you, but girl you're plain evil. You're heartless, yeah. You're the wreck of my ship, the break in my heart. And now, it feels like I'm off the deep end. Never wanted to become anything more than your friend. Now I know betrayal, thanks.


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